Inno Breakfast: Phil Cruttwell

15.02.2018 09:00ч. Четвъртък  -  15.02.2018 10:30ч. Четвъртък
Innovator, гр. Варна
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Както всички знаем, денят си личи от сутринта. Също така, закуската е най-важното хранене за деня. На 25.01.2018 стартирахме един от нашите meetup формати – Inno Breakfast, с който целим да ви запознаем с интересни хора, готини проекти и идеи, на по чаша чай или кафе, гарнирани с вкусна закуска. Какво по-добро и пълноценно начало на работния ден? Нека ви представим и следващия ни гост, който ще закусва с нас на 15.02, точно в 09:00ч :)

След като се срещнахме с Ivan Dimitrov от App Lighthouse, този път ще си поговорим с Phil Cruttwell, който определя България като поредното си приключение! Нека превключим на английски, какъвто и ще е "официалният" език по време на следващата ни закуска :)

Phil has years of experience in different fields, and has founded a number of businesses in Europe. Instead of us introducing Phil, we've asked him to say a few words about himself:
"15 years ago a friend of mine in England said I have one more big adventure to come. He was adventure was Bulgaria.
My philosophy - life is an adventure and every day brings new opportunities to learn, to explore, to develop. Of course there are risks...But this is part of the adventure.
Business is, of course, an adventure with endless possibilities. However if we're clever we must prepare for our adventures and in this way we can manage the risk and improve our prospects for success.
These days I am semi-retired but in my life I have founded several businesses. Some are still flourishing, some did not survive. But I learned from them all.
Hobbies are very important for me...they are part of the adventure. Motor racing, photography, collecting Kilims and people...thinking...the list goes on.
Bulgaria has so much potential...and entrepreneurs can have great opportunities. But there are important lessons to learn and the market needs to be thoroughly researched.
But don't forget to check yourself. What are your strengths and weaknesses... To know yourself is perhaps the most important. Remember that people are your greatest asset. Treat your employees well...grow them, encourage them, praise them. They are your future.
Come and meet Phil on 15th February 9:00am, enjoying a cup of hot drink with our delicious sandwiches and pancakes. We are going to talk about business, entrepreneurship, life, motor racing...and more!
Entrance + hot drink + sandwich and pancakes is 5BGN and you can buy your ticket from here:
or you can also pay at reception.

The event is organised by Innovator

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Място: Innovator,
Регион: област Варна ,
Град: гр. Варна,
Адрес: София 1

Четвъртък, 15 Февруари 2018, 09:00 ч.
Четвъртък, 15 Февруари 2018, 10:30 ч.