Games.js Hackathon

06.03.2020 18:00ч. Петък  -  08.03.2020 18:00ч. Неделя
Dopamine, гр. София
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Информация за събитието


1st place - 3000.00 BGN

2nd place - 1500.00 BGN

GAMES.JS - Who are we?

Non-profit developer community seeking like-minded gamers to share resources, techniques, and projects for game development with web technologies.

The main goal we have is JavaScript game development accessibility. We want to provide a common space for all JS game lovers to meet and exchange ideas. 
Technologies we love: PIXI, CreateJS, Howler, GSAP, Anime.js, Cocos, Adobe Animate, Adobe After Effects, Spine. 


Announcing our first event! Let's create a game!

Come and join us for a one of a kind competition - Create an epic game with your mates for 48 hours straight!  
Spend a weekend networking and exchanging ideas with game enthusiasts to win an awesome prize while doing what you do best! Bring your ideas to life using the latest technology in a unique environment and atmosphere. 

You will be challenged to combine all your knowledge to break down problems and create real value.
In case you don’t have a pre-made team – don’t worry! That’s part of the fun of a hackathon – Meeting new people! We’ll have a team-forming event before the hacking begins, for those who need help creating new teams.

At the end of the 48 hrs event, you will have the chance to present your prototype to the whole community and showcase your finished product!


  1. Members must be in a team of 2-4 members.

  2. The project theme will be revealed at the beginning of the event.

  3. Games must run in a web browser using canvas.

  4. Playable versions of games must be uploaded publicly (GitHub, bitbucket, etc) sharing all code and assets used.

  5. Over 80% of the game's code must be developed on-site.

  6. 16+ y.o. 

  7. Projects will be evaluated by a panel of professionals at the end of the event, based on idea originality and overall appeal.




18:00 Registration and Networking

19:00 Opening Ceremony  

19:30 Theme Reveal

20:00 Team Formation

20:30 Start 

22:30 Dinner

23:00 Coding



08:00 Breakfast

09:00 Coding 

10:00 Presentation -  10 commandments of a gameplay designer

11:00 Presentation - Bootstrapping a PixiJS game

14:00 Coding 

14:30 Presentation: Tweens - the dark horse for game animations

15:00 Presentation: Physics in PixiJS for non-math people

20:00 Dinner

21:00 Coding



08:00 Breakfast

09:00 Coding 

13:30 Presentation Preparation & Final Project Steps

15:00 Team Presentations 

18:00  Award Ceremony




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Кога & Къде

Място: Dopamine,
Регион: област София ,
Град: гр. София,
Адрес: ул. Алабин 1 ет.14

Петък, 6 Март 2020, 18:00 ч.
Неделя, 8 Март 2020, 18:00 ч.